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BARS bug CSCef35391 with CER backup

I have BARS 4.0(9) and getting this with a CER server backup daily, about callhistory failing to copy.

Is a cosmetic bug, but saids fixed in 4.0(4.9) so is it fixed in current BARS version? I read over release notes for BARS 4.0(10 to 12) and the bug id is not listed as a known or resolved bug in any of the newer releases.

When is this expected to be fixed? I don't like getting pages about a backup issue at the wee hours due to cosmetic bugs.

CSCef35391 Bug Details

Headline CER backup failed to copy callhistory>*.csv file

Product e911-chicago

Feature Other

Severity 3

Status Verified

First Found-in Version 1.3(1)

First Fixed-in Version 4.0(4.9), 3.5(58)

Release Notes


CER backup failed to copy callhistory\*.csv file


CER Backup gives the following error:

[Error] Failed to copy \\ipaddress\C$\Program Files\Cisco

Systems\Ciscoer\Callhistory\*.Csv. File not copied to destination folder..

[Error] Failed to backup CallHistory folder.


The errors are cosmetic. Ignore the error.

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Re: BARS bug CSCef35391 with CER backup

Hi Erick,

I don't know why this Bug is not listed as resolved in the Bars release notes?? The only place that I could find it confirmed as FIXED is in the release notes for CER 1.3(2). We had similar cosmetic type problems with BARS 4.0(9) and CRA that were fixed with 4.0(11).


Resolved Caveats for Cisco ER 1.3(2)

The status "Verified" is considered Fixed by Cisco.

Hope this helps!


Re: BARS bug CSCef35391 with CER backup

Well, the fixed in lists BARS/StiBackup version numbers (CER Is not up to 4.0 or 3.5 yet).

So it is still there, I know 4.0(9) has issue with keeping the CRA backup folder around in staging folder and not deleting it. Another reason I am having these people update BARS.

But, I wish cisco would "fix" cosmetic errors in event logs, etc as they trigger unnecessary calls/pages/etc by customers worrying something is wrong. And if you ignore BARS errors on a error in backup, it could be something else that is a real problem with the backup so you can't really ignore them completely.

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Re: BARS bug CSCef35391 with CER backup

Hi Erick,

I didn't write my reply very well :( sorry. I am sure that you can get rid of the BARS error by either upgrading BARS to a newer release or by upgrading CER to 1.3(2)

Cisco ER 1.3(2)

I totally agree that these type of errors cannot be ignored (even if only cosmetic) in this case "ignorance is NOT bliss". These type of things are extremly annoying when you are trying to run a trouble-free service.

Hope this helps!


Re: BARS bug CSCef35391 with CER backup

Well, it looks like CER 1.3(2) has fix for this. Ok, thanks. Now only if cisco would update the bug id with useful information and tell where the problem actually is and that it is fixed in CER version 1.3(2) instead of 4.0 and 3.5 which are BARS and STIbackup version numbers unless they have a CER 4.0 in beta/development somewhere which has fix also.

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