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Basic VoIP setup help

I have a network with a VoIP system setup where the previous admin has quit. I have no VoIP experience but I do have IOS experience.

My task is to add a Cisco VoIP phone to the network. I'll need to add two users to the phone and remove an existing user from the display.

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the Enable password to get into the UC500 device. I do, however, have the ASA and the 3750Switch config. The Switch appears to be doing QoS on the FastEthernet ports, I assume this is normal?

My main question is: What are the normal steps in adding a phone to an existing (and working) Cisco UC500 VoIP system? Will I do it via IOS? Is it all GUI? If GUI, what do I need to setup on my laptop?

Any helps or tips will be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I should post the configs I have of the switch and asa.

Thanks again

Cisco Employee

Re: Basic VoIP setup help


To add a phone in the UC500, you can do it both ways, via IOS and via GUI. Once you have access to the IOS enable you can do a sh run.

Look for ephone and ephon-dn

In UC500, you need to add the dn and phone seperately. Check this link out

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Re: Basic VoIP setup help


Thanks for your reply. That's a 13MB PDF, so it's taking me some time to read through what I think I need to be reading. Much thanks.

One side issue:

I'm unable to authenticate "enable", even though I believe I have the correct password.

I am able to get in the user prompt via telnet with "admin / 12345" (example), but when I go "enable" and put in the password I have, it fails.

Strangely, I was able to go to and do a "sh run" with the password I have and get the running-config fine. So it must be the correct password.

Any help as to what I'm missing?

Attached is the running-config from the web interface.

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Re: Basic VoIP setup help


I was able to get in to priv exec 15. Through the web interface, I issued "enable secret 5 PASS" and was then able to get in to "enable". Looks like whoever gave me the password before was incorrect?

Either way, I'm in.

Now to look at this 20 page running-config, sheesh. Is this normal? Wayyy different to what I'm use to.

I'll start with trying to figure out the syntax of that "ephone" and "ephone-dn".

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Re: Basic VoIP setup help

After looking through the config and reading through some of that PDF, this is my first guess:

config t

ephone 17

device-security-mode none


mac-address 0021.xxxx.BB47

ephone-template 1

username "JSmith" password 12345

type 7945

button 1:81 2:14


ephone-dn 81

number #### secondary ##########

label John Smith

description ###-###-####

name John Smith

call-forward noan 3399 timeout 25


ephone 17




I configured "ephone 17" because it was the first "ephone #" on the list that didn't appear to be configured, so I assume it was the first 'open slot'. Does this make sense?

While configuring, I just made up a name.

"ephone template 1" - because all the other configured phones used this template.

"type 7945" - assuming this is the model of the phone.

"button" - This I assumed: the 81 referred to the 'ephone-dn' it corresponds to. Correct?

And the 14 was like all the others. I assume it maps button 2 to dial 'ephone-dn 14' like all the others.

As for the "ephone-dn 81" configuration. The same thing, 81 was the first to appear not configured. Was I correct in choosing this? Does it matter which dn number I use?

I assume the label or name is what appears on the actual phone's display.

call-foward for voicemail.

The number... Is this something that should be on a list of available numbers that can be used? I'm assuming numbers are like an IP block and you're assigned a range.

And then I log into "ephone 17", issue a "reset" to allow the phone to restart and reapply the changed configuration. And now it'll work?

Sorry for the long-winded rambling. I'm in a crunch and trying to figure this out before Tuesday. Once I get it working, I can go back and really figure out the "how".

Thanks for any help given, I really appreciate it.

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