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BAT errors when adding phones

When adding phones using the BAT, I get errors and all insers failed. The validation was fine. The error code is -2147219966 - CDBLException Dump: [Item not valid]

Any suggestions for help?


Re: BAT errors when adding phones

I recommend you to uninstall BAT, reboot the server, reinstall BAT, reboot the server. I have seen this error when BAT is corrupted. Please give it a try.

Community Member

Re: BAT errors when adding phones

I would also recommend renaming the C:\CiscoWebs\BAT directory to C:\CiscoWebs\BATOLD\ after the removal of BAT and before reinstalling BAT.

Otherwise you could have the same problems.

Once BAT has been reinstalled, you could copy back your templates from the C:\CiscoWebs\BATOLD\Template directory if required.

Good Luck

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Re: BAT errors when adding phones

I'm having a similar problem where all of my Phones with User records will validate but when an insert is attempted, I get the error: -2147467259 Method '~' of object '~' failed

Tried to uninstall BAT, deleted the BATFiles and CiscoWeb\BAT folders, rebooted, then re-installed. But I get the same result even after the template is re-created.

When I look in CCMAdmin, I see the phone has imported, but the line shows up in the route plan report as an 'unassigned DN'. All of the users get imported too.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: BAT errors when adding phones

Well, I found the answer to my own question. My template had a couple of services - My FastDials and My Address Book of which parameters were not included in the CSV for import.

I unsubscribed from those services and everything else imported ok.

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