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BAT Question


I would like to use the BAT to change the on-hook ringing volume of all phones to a specific level, without having to do each one individually.

The reason for this is we have users turning the volume of their phone down as low as it can go. We intend to disable settings access on all user phones using BAT, however I cannot see any option to standardise the volume.


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Re: BAT Question

Hi Nick,

I hate being the bearer of bad news here but sadly there is no way to, as you say, standardize the Volume settings before "Locking " them down.

Be careful that you don't lock them down with the Settings access disabled while they have the volume turned way down. I just tried this out for curiousity sake.

If you can weed out the troublemakers make sure to set the volume on their sets before making these changes :)

Hope this helps!


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Re: BAT Question

Hi Rob,

I didn't think it was possible, although it's a shame as I think it's a feature that should be there in CCM administration.

A decision is still being taken by the 'powers that be' whether all phones will be locked down or just the trouble makers!!

Thanks for your confirmation and quick response.


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Re: BAT Question

Hi Nick,

First off, you are most welcome :) I do agree with you completely that this would be a nice feature. I do like the idea of only using this setting on the "offenders". I have always hated being the "phone police", so, these type of issues should be deferred to Management for resolution. If your job involves answering the phone and you don't want to answer the phone you probably need to seek different employment. The next thing that usually pops up is that these same people are always on Call Forward so you will have to take that capability away from them as well :(

Just my two cents, thanks for listening!


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Re: BAT Question


any help about this? resolution?

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Re: BAT Question

Only resolution was as Rob stated, do them manually on each phone and then use the BAT to either disable settings access or restrict it.

Something that Cisco definately need to address.


Re: BAT Question

Hi Guys,

The phone has a built in webserver. You can send it commands remotely.


If you want to do it in bulk, it should actually be quite simple to write a script to do this for you. They are simple HTTP posts, with a little XML.

All comes down to how many phones you are doing, as to whether it is worth the effort :)

In the past it's been something added to the checklist when people are putting the phones on the desks.



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