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BAT tool CCM 4.1

How can I test this tool real?

I have added .cvs file with DN,MAC,Device Pool,Location etc.

Can I add some phones, that have just autoregistered??

or BAT tool is using only when I don't use autoregistration?

Please help me in this question

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Re: BAT tool CCM 4.1

Hi Oleksandr,

You are on the right track here :) To truly test BAT you will want to use a Callmanager Group that is not setup for Auto Registration. Take out one of the phones that was added with Auto Registration, make sure that the Device Pool you want to use for this test is not using a Callmanager Group that has the setting Auto Registration>No. Then try inserting the phone using BAT.

We use BAT all the time by using a Barcode Scanner to scan the Mac of new phones and then building bat.csv files and Templates to insert large groups of phones.

Adding Phones or CTI Ports

You can use BAT to add Cisco IP Phones to the Cisco CallManager database in batches, rather than individually.

BAT can also associate the phones to existing users.

To add phones to Cisco CallManager, you must perform these steps:

1. Create a phone template to define common values for a set of phones.

2. Create a comma separated values (CSV) file to define individual values for each phone you want to add.

3. Insert the BAT/CSV files.

4. Plug in the phones.

5. (Optional) Update the phones using TAPS if you created dummy MAC addresses in the CSV file.

You can also use BAT in this way if you have setup TAPS;

Working with TAPS


Use the tool for auto-registered phones support (TAPS) in conjunction with BAT to provide two features:

•Update MAC addresses and download predefined configuration for new phones

•Reload configuration for replacement phones

When adding new phones to Cisco CallManager, TAPS works in conjunction with BAT to update phones that were added to BAT using dummy MAC addresses. After the phones with dummy MAC addresses have been bulk-added to Cisco CallManager Administration using BAT, you can plug the phones into the network. You or the phone's user can dial a TAPS directory number that causes the phone to download its configuration. At the same time, the phone is updated in Cisco CallManager Administration with the correct MAC address. Auto-registration must be enabled in Cisco CallManager Administration (System > Cisco CallManager) for TAPS to function.

Hope this helps!


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