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BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

Hi. I am trying to use the BAT tool to update users. I am trying to insert the department field and update the Telephone number.

When I run the BAT file (see format below), it correctly adds the Department, but does not update the telephone number field, instead it updates the Primary Extension field.


I need to update the telephone number field, so the new number shows in the Cooperate directory.


Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)


I guess you need to have it in the following format?:


Therefore, this should work:

1234,#,test,,#,#,English United Kingdom,77741234,#,#,#,#,#,#,#

Is this how you've got it set up (see attached)?

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Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

Hi. The 1234 was the User ID, I am using the update user format for CM4.2(3), which is:

User ID, Manager, Department, User Device Profile, User Locale, Controller Device, Telephone Number

Attached document from the BAT tool. Thanks again.


Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

Sorry, I mis-understood your first query!

Yes, everything look fine, has this worked before?

There are a couple of related bugs (CSCsi68547) with BAT on this version of CCM. Have you recently upgraded it?

Also, what version of BAT are you using?

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Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

First time I have used this, so unsure if if it has every worked, or if it should update the Telephone Number. I presume thats the idea of it.

It is BAT 5.2(3a)


Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

I can only think this is some sort of problem with the templates or the application (possibly caused by an upgrade?).

It may be worth uninstalling BAT (START > Programs > Cisco CallManager 4.2 > Bulk Admin Tool > Uninstall) and re-install it?

Here are the bug details which may or may not be associated with the problem. It's not the exact problem your are seeing but is similar:

CSCsi68547 Bug Details

After upgrade from 5.2(1b) to 5.2(3) BAT templates no longer work.


When inserting phones getting an error number -2146828279 with this message "Description -Subscript Out of range".


Upgraded BAT from 5.2(1b) to 5.2(3)


Delete the template that was used and recreate it

Further Problem Description:

The template was not properly converted after upgrading BAT. BAT 5.2(3) comes with CallManager 4.2(3).

Other than that you may have to speak to TAC as this isn't something I've seen before.

Unless someone else on the forum knows a fix..?

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Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

OK I raised this as a TAC case and have been given an explanation and work around:

As you can see in the bug notes CallManager is working as intended but the "Telephone Number" it's been wrongly referenced in the BAT files. I'm afraid that the "Telephone Number" field must be manually changed.

After an extensive research I found a workaround for you:

After checking the SQL database I found that the fields under the user settings are stored not in the SQL database but in the DC Directory database, since the DC Directory is administered by a different tool in order to perform the updates of the "telephone number" field please follow this procedure:

1. Go to "Start" --> "Programs" --> "DC Directory Administrator".

2. Log on with "Directory Manager" credentials, the default password should be "cisco". If you are unable to login using "cisco" as a password please send me the following file of the publisher:

"C:\dcdsrvr\DirectoryConfiguration.ini", also please send me a screenshoot of the following page in the Windows Registry Editor: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration"

3. In the DC Directory Administrator tool go to "Tools" --> "Bulk Update".

4. Specify the search criteria to match the users that you want to update. If you want to update ALL your users click the "Add" button, then under "Attribute" select "Telephone number" and under "Rule" select "is present", then click the "Set" button.

5. Click "Next" three times to reach the "List of actions to apply..." window.

6. Click the "Add" button, then under "Attribute" select "Telephone number" and under "Operation" select "Regular Expression".

7. In order to add a value to the telephone number, under "Replace" enter "[*]" and then under "With" enter "1234[\0]" this will select all the users telephone number and will add the 1234 value at the begining of each user's telephone number, then click the "Set" button.

8. Click "Next" and the click "Finish".

After following the above procedure you should be able to update everyone's telephone number.


Re: BAT Update User Telephone Number - CM4.2(3)

Thanks for the update Ian, 5*!

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