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BAT updating phones via CSV

Hi all,

I want to update some line options (alerting name, text label and display) of about 150 phones via a CSV file of BAT I have. The phones are already in CCM so it only needs to be updated, not inserted.

Should I add all the necessary details (number of lines, MAC, description , directory number, Alerting name, Display, Line Text Label) to the first tab called phones and then export to the BAT format?

I inserted the phones before like that but not 100% sure if it goes the same way just to update them.

Thanks in advance!

Kris Brackx


Re: BAT updating phones via CSV

You can use custom file to update the phones. You need to have all headers in your BAT file but you can leave empty the ones that you don't want to change. All You need is to enter the vlaue for the "Directory Number 1" field which is the extension number and the fields that you want to update. I would recommand to try the update for only one or 2 users, if the result is what you were expecting, you can go ahead and update all in one shut.

New Member

Re: BAT updating phones via CSV

Few thougts, it depends what version of CCM you are using. I had problem with 5.1, you need extra space in the Directory number 1 field.

Also, try not to run BAT during busy business hours as it might kill the BAT service and you have to restart it.

I would create a master xls sheet and use it again in future for BAT updates.



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