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BAT user line association

IN Call Manager 6 you can associate a user to a line that has been applied to a device. Does anyone know if there is a way to BAT this process?


Re: BAT user line association

just go to bat manue and chose updat then make a choice to ubdat phone users whaever then make a selction based on a query

like all phones in partiion P1 and so on

good luck

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Re: BAT user line association

Thanks for the update. But I need to know how to complete the specific field in CallManager 6 on the line and the user associated with it. I am hoping for a way to get this done by csv file

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Re: BAT user line association


Try these steps:

1. Create a csv file. Here's a sample that I used:

User ID,Device,Directory Number,Partition


Leaving the partition blank means the default partition for the extension is used.

2. Upload the csv file under Bulk Administration, Upload/Download Files. Set the target to User Line Appearance, and Set the Select Transaction Type to 'Update Line Appearance - Custom File'.

3. Go to Bulk Administration, Users, Line Appearance, Update Line Appearance.

4. Select the previously uploaded csv file and immediately run the job.

Try it with for a couple of lines first and see if that works for you.

Hope this helps.



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Re: BAT user line association

Thanks. I found it.

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Re: BAT user line association

Hi Paul,

Did you find that this solution worked? It did not for me and was wondering if your last posting on this meant you found another solution?

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Re: BAT user line association

Hi Michael

What do you put if it is a device profile not a physical phone?  I am keep on getting error like

user id Error Code Error Description


ADOUGLAS On row 1: bad device name

Result Summary :

Update for 0 Line Appearance passed.

Update for 1 Line Appearance failed.

End Time : 06/29/2010 15:46:41

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