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BE6K redudancy

I have BE6K where Callmanager,unity,Im running on VMware in UCS220 m3 server,plan to have redudancy for all the three servers,should i go for another BE6K for redudancy purpose?

can anybody suggest on this


BE6K redudancy

BE6K supports redundancy over LAN and WAN. If you need full redundancy you can install another physical server hosting redundant VMs in a different data center (or a different location) depending on your needs.


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Re: BE6K redudancy

Well, if you want hardware redundancy you can. I'd recommend building a subscriber for CUCM within the existing Be6K, and then if you want a second UCS c220, build a subscriber for CUCM and one for CUC in the second one..

So, it would look like this:

UCS 220 1, VMs:

CUCM Pub, CUCM Sub1, CUC Sub1

UCS 220 2, VMs:
CUCM Sub2, CUC Pub

That would be a good start. Where they are located would be determined by georgraphic/sizing requirements.

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Re: BE6K redudancy

Hi Siva,

you can also refer the  BE6K redundancy Q and A.



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Re: BE6K redudancy

Hi Jeremiah,

Thanks for your information,

Well installing Subscriber in same Machine will give replication problem,subscriber often giving problem to me.

Re: BE6K redudancy

You can install Subscriber on the same server without any issues, as long as you have the capacity on UCS and don't over subscribe.

There is no replication issue if you are referring to db replication.


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