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Best Hardware for Voice Gateways for CallManager 4.2?

We have noticed that the 7200 VXR is no longer supported as an MGCP gateway in CallManager 4.2. We used to like the VG200 as gateways, and they are still supported in 4.2, they are just End of Lifed from Cisco.

So, no low end VG200 and no high end 7200 for gateways. What would be a good platform for voice gateways to be used as local PSTN and voice WAN?

I currently have 7206 VXR's everywhere and was going to use these as gateways for our VoIP solution, but now it looks like I will have to purchase additional hardware (maintenance, etc) just to have supported voice gateways.


Re: Best Hardware for Voice Gateways for CallManager 4.2?

You can go with the 2800 or 3800 ISR routers and based on the hardware configuration (like number of T1s, analog interfaces, DSP modules) and processing power (memory, cpu) you can make a selection between them.

Data Sheet for 2800 routers:

Data Sheet for 3800 router:

Look under product specifications on the two data sheets for a quick comparison of the different models.

Most gateways deployed these days are either 2800 or 3800 and they are pretty stable.

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