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Best practice for remote phones

My company has recently decided to deploy phones to remote offices around the word. These are typically small offices of not more than 2 or 3 people at most. The idea behind this is to give remote staff a phone to use when calling another staff member in network or to reduce international calling costs by allowing staff to dial through our phone system. For example, a staff member may have an office in Berlin, Germany. Our main office (where CallManager resides) is in Vermont, USA. The staff member wants to call someone in New Jersey, USA. It's a cheaper cost to send the call out from Vermont than from Berlin and cheaper still if the person recieving the call is in network. Currently we have the option of giving out either IP Communicator or a physical phone set up for use with Phone Proxy through our ASA.

My question is, is there a way to apply a route filter to a certian group of extensions of phones? I'm not sure how to handle call routing of 911 traffic for someone who is based outside the US. I'm planning on providing a disclaimer about remote phone use and emergency calls but I'd almost like to disallow 911 calling on certian phones.

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Re: Best practice for remote phones

Just remove the 911 partition from phones that should not dial it.

Or if you have Unity/CUC and want to provide more info create a special 911 DN with CFA to VM and send those calls to a call handler where you explain them how to proceed.



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