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Bilingual Agents in a Regular Queue IPCC

Hey All,

There may be a way to do this, but I can't quite piece it together in my head.

Basically we have 1 csq for all of our sales agents, and we have about 3 people in that main queue who speak spanish. I need to put an option on our main prompt for spanish, and then I need those spanish calls to be routed to the agents in our main csq who speak spanish.

I guess that would be problematic, because there would really need to be a separate spanish queue for just those 3 individuals. The problem is that we receive so few spanish calls we can't justify having any of our agents log out of our main queue.

Is there a way for an individual agent to be associated with two separate queues? That way I could just setup a seperate spanish queue and the agent could take most of their calls from our main queue and pickup the spanish calls as they come in. Or is there a way to assign a "spanish" skill to a call in the script and those spanish calls would just sit in queue until an agent with that skill set was available?

Sorry, I had an original plan for this, but I came to some realizations while I was typing it.. Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. running IPCC Express Premium 4.0(4)


Re: Bilingual Agents in a Regular Queue IPCC


This is where you utilize skills based routing. You dont have to log out of one queue and log into another queue. You can assign a skill to each agent that let them log into multiple queues at any time.

a. Create two skills English and Spanish

b. Assign English skills to all users

c. Assign Spanish skills to the 3 users in question.

d. Create two CSQs. CSQ1 and CSQ2.

e. Criteria for CSQ1 should be English skills only.

f. Criteria for CSQ2 should be English and Spanish.

g. In your script add a menu to give English as option 1 and Spanish as option 2.

h. Use a select resource step to route calls to CSQ1 or CSQ2 based on the option they select.

i.When users login, the 3 users who have english and spanish skill will be logged into CSQ1 and CSQ2 at the same time. The rest of the users will be logged into CSQ1 (only).

j. When caller select option 2, they should only reach the 3 users who speak spanish and english, as the call is routed to CSQ2.



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Re: Bilingual Agents in a Regular Queue IPCC

Ok, so when I create a csq based on skills then it will find any agent with that/those skills. I assume I also have to put both the english and spanish csq's in the team configuration for those agents?

Thanks for the info, it's sad how much I forget when I don't do this stuff for a while...

PS: Yeah, the spelling is a little off for the last name, but that's me, Splinter Cell ;)

Re: Bilingual Agents in a Regular Queue IPCC

AFAIR, you dont have to assign skills to a team. But you are right that when an agent logs into CAD or IPPA, based on his skills, he can be logged into multiple queues.