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Billed to # for VIOP


We are using Cisco VoIP and are sharing services with our tenants at our business.

AT&T is our PRI provider and we PIC to MCI for our long distance (LD).

Shared use tenants(Use our phones, but their LD of choice) phones are programmed to 1010 to their own LD provider.


The tenant long distance calls are dropping into our bill as casual calling(Not recognized by the selected LD provider) at a very high rate.

The information sent to the LD carrier is "Charge # 408-436-xxxx" (PRI) and "Calling Party # 408-441-xxxx" (DID). AT&T has advised us that this is in accordance with Telecordia specifications using Q.931.

When the LD provider receives the data, they are using the Charge # and not the Calling Party # for billing purposes. (Our tenants have advised their carrier they are responsible for specific DID numbers)


Is there a way in the VoIP System or Call Manager can be programmed to designate what you want the Charge # to be?


Re: Billed to # for VIOP

Only billing/reporting software available with CM is CDR. This is a very basic tool and does not have the feature that you are looking for. Couple of things that you can try are:

1. Configure Billing on CDR based on Local and LD calls. And then pull the bill based on calling dn.

2. Check if there is a 3rd party billing s/w which can give you this function.

Keep in mind that the primary function of CDR is to give you data for reports. It was not designed nor can handle complicated billing reports.

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