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BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

When configuring BLF buttons, there is a check box for each line that is called "Call Pickup". I am trying to figure out what this is. The help page for that screen does not even mention it, nor does the admin guide or features guide. Is this to allow the BLF to also pick up a call on that line as well ?



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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

Hi Oleh,

Here is the related info :)

BLF Pickup Action

If a line is in the BLF alerting state, the local user can press the associated speed-dial button (BLF Pickup button) to pick up the call. The phone picks up the call on the next available line if the user does not first specify a line. If auto-pickup is enabled for the line, the call connects automatically; otherwise, the call rings on the local phone and the user must manually answer it.


Note Pressing the BLF Pickup button at a time when no BLF alerting indicators are present results in the phone speed dialing the associated directory number.

Unlike the existing BLF feature, BLF Pickup cannot be configured for a call log or directory listing; BLF Pickup works on a speed-dial line button only.


These BLF enhancements are supported on the following SCCP phones:

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971G-GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G-GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G-GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G

Using Call Pickup Groups with BLF Pickup

The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Pickup feature adds call pickup capability to BLF SpeedDial buttons. When enabled, this feature alerts a user when a BLF SpeedDial destination gets an incoming call so that the user can pick up the call. Call pickup groups control which phones a user can monitor and access. A call pickup group can now include a hunt pilot to support line group pickup.

.The busy lamp field indicates the line state at the remote device. BLF alerting is indicated by an animated icon, LED appearance, and optional tone. You can enable audible alerts at the system and device level.

An alerting call state makes the BLF Pickup button function available. When the user presses the BLF Pickup button, the phone picks up the call.

•If the monitoring device has multiple lines, the system uses the primary line as the pickup line or the next available line if the primary is not available.

•If the monitored destination is receiving multiple calls, the first call or the higher priority MLPP call gets picked up; any remaining calls continue to trigger the alerting status on the BLF Pickup button.

•If the user at a monitored destination answers the call before call pickup, the BLF Pickup button displays a busy status.

After call pickup, the BLF Pickup button status reverts to the current status for the monitored destination: idle, busy, or DND (when enabled with the "BLF Status Depicts DND" service parameter).

As admnistrator, you must modify the standard line button template to include the BLF SD option for users to invoke the BLF pickup feature. See "Configuring a Customized Phone Button Template for BLF SpeedDial Buttons" in the Presence chapter for more information.

The following phone models are equipped with BLF line buttons and support the BLF pickup feature: Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961, Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970, and Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971. The Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7914 supports this feature when connected to one of these phone models.

Hope this helps!



Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

Awesome info, thanks Rob, just solved a problem I had where user receiving "Temp Fail" when trying to use this...turned out they were in different pickup group, but after that, worked like a champ.

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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

hello, atinus,

i hve the same error "Temp Fail", i have a phone 7965 and i config the BFL in the 6 button. and i review and the both directory numbers 3000 and 3001 have the same pickup group. did you do something else?.

kind regards.

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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2


This button enable phone to pickup calls.



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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

Anyone has a clue why would the call pick check button disappear from the BLF speed dial menu?


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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

This feature was introduced in UCM 6.1(2). If you are running a version lower than that, you will not see this option.

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Re: BLF / Call Pickup under 6.1.2

Hi All,

it's a bug CSCsw28983 : “Pickup Enable cheek box is missing for BLF Call Pickup”.