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BLF Import/Export Issue

I'm trying to find the easiest way to import BLF speed dials for large number of phones .  It doesnt appear that the BAT file has an option for BLFs.

I have began looking at the Import/Export feature of UCM to perform this function.   Unfortunately every time I try to import a csv with a BLF i get the error:

SEP001122334455 XXXX is not a valid BLF Speed Dial

The annoying thing is that if I create a phone in UCM, then do an export of phone information, i can see the exact CSV format UCM is using.   If i take that same exact file and try to import it i still get the above error.

Has anyone run into this?  Is there an easy fix?   Is there any way to mass import BLFs?

I am currently running UCM 7.1(5)

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Re: BLF Import/Export Issue

sounds very similar to

CSCsy59400    Insert Phones doesn't allow DN to be BLF DN

Does the workaround work for you?

Insert Phones doesn't allow DN to be BLF DN

Follow the steps mentioned in Defect Description

Don't give the BLF DN same as DN. First Insert Phones with DN and then add BLF DN using another insert job with override option.

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Re: BLF Import/Export Issue

I believe I tried this, but not sure.  I imported phones with all fields except for the BLF fields.   I then ran it again with all fields including the BLF fields with the override box checked.

I can try and run it with the just Device name and BLF fields and see what that will even run.

Where did you get the bug information from?

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