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BLF monitoring on a Device instead of a Line

We have two phones, A and B  each with a shared line, in this case lets say its extension 100. Phone A has one line which is extension 100 and phone B has two lines, extension 100 and 200.

Phone A has BLF for all phones in the Branch, it has a BLF for extension 200 on phone B.

If Phone B picks up a call that comes in on 100 because phone A was unable to take the call, Phone A's BLF doesn't show that Phone B's line is busy (because they are on extension 100 not 200 which the BLF is setup for)

I want for Phone A to have a BLF that monitors the other phones in the office status regardless of the line the other phones are using.

How can I accomplish this in CUCM?

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