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BLF presence with Extension Mobility

Hi I am running cucm 9.1 with extension mobility enabled... All users are logged out automatically after 10 hours of been logged in (max login time duration)...


I have some phone for senior that they should not login every day when they arrive but at the same time they should be capable of login in others phone is they want ( so device profile must exist)

So I create a phone with a logout profile 1001-DVP and then create a user that has the same profile assigned for extension mobility..

The first time I plug the phone I login and presence on BLF speed dial in the expansion module works great... (BLFs are configured on the device profile) 

After 10 hour of been logged in the user it´s logged out automatically... (the phone has configured as log out  profile the same dvp ... ) It keep showing the blf speed dial and working great just as speed dial but BLF is not working.. Presence group and presence CSS is configured on the phone and also on the end user..

Any Idea?



PD:from cisco documentation..

When the extension mobility user logs out, a phone that supports Cisco Extension Mobility displays presence status on the BLF/SpeedDial buttons for the log-out profile that is configured. When a user device profile is configured for the logout profile, the SUBSCRIBE calling search space and presence group that are configured for the user apply.



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Hi Lisandro,Im assuming that

Hi Lisandro,

Im assuming that you have been able to create a Phone Button Profile with BLF keys, and assign numbers to them?


Im also assuming that you haven set up any custom Presence Groups.


If so, the other thing you need is the SUBSCRIBE CSS set to a CSS that includes the destination being monitored.


For a non-EM user, this is the SUBSCRIBE CSS on the phone itself.


For an EM user, the SUBSCRIBE CSS on the phone is overwritten with the SUBSCRIBE CSS from the End User page when the user logs in, so you need to configure it on the end user.



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