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BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

Hi All,

I am trying to allow my CCMUSER (End users) access to change their BLF Speed Dials. Is this possible? I can currently make them change their Speed Dials, but cannot find where to let them do their BLF Speed Dials.


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Re: BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

Hi Michael,

Sadly only the ccmadmin can setup BLF/SD.

Here is a reference to this fact;

Cisco Unified CallManager supports the ability for a speed dial to have presence capabilities via a busy lamp field (BLF) speed dial. BLF speed dials work as both a speed dial and a presence indicator.Only the system administrator can configure a BLF speed dial; a system user is not allowed to configure a BLF speed dial.

States are:




Hope this helps!


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Re: BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

Hi Rob,

That is a shame. Because if I make their buttons as "Add a new SD" I can get them to change their displays. But if I make their setting "Add a new BLF SD" they cannot see their speed dials on the web page. Hopefully this will be fixed in future code?!



Re: BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

Hi Michael,

i'm afraid this is "not a bug it's a feature"..

since BLF monitors the line state of other employees, the restriction to allow changes only to admin users is some kind of protection.

regards, Oliver

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Re: BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

I also have the same 'problem'...I have some executive admins who also monitor their phones and the executives (no ring) using the 7914 module. The main problem is that they move around, hire new admins or just want to change the arrangement of the numbers, similar to how they can do it for the SD's.

It is also confusing to them that the SD's on the ccmuser page skip over the BLF buttons and do not match up with the numbers. That 'is' a bug...they should at least have the correct line numbers.

As far as limiting the users from monitoring the line state of other phones, can't you do that by assigning the phones in a different presence group?

Even though this is considered a 'feature', it should be fixed so the lines show up on the ccmuser page.

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Re: BLF SD for ccmuser CM6.1

This post has been very helpful as we were taking it as a bug or misconfiguration. Please mark it as "Answered".

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