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BLF-SD Not Working - CUCM6.0

Ok, so I have VERY simple setup as I'm still setting up a new CUCM6.0 system.

I have a 7960 on extension 100 and a 7970 on extension 101.

On the 7970 I've setup a BLF-SD for extension 101 and it shows in the button configuration for the phone under the CUCM webpage, but does not show up on the phone, even after a reset and a reboot of the phone.

A normal SD works as a button, but a BLF-SD doesn't even show the SD label, its as though there is no button defined at all.

Under Service Parameter "Default Inter-Presence Group Subscription" I have it set to "Allow Subscription" and under Enterprise Parameter I've set "BLF For Call Lists" to "Enabled".

I've also set the SUBSCRIBE Calling Search Space to the same on each phone.

Still no BLF-SD buttons...

I've read every other BLF problem discussion in NetPro and have folloed everything that everyones suggested.

Any ideas?

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Re: BLF-SD Not Working - CUCM6.0

Bumping this topic. Does anyone have any clues or where I should start looking or what I should be tracing?

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Re: BLF-SD Not Working - CUCM6.0

I am also having a simliar issue with BLF not showing. I have a 7960G with a 7914 side card. The 7914 will show the speed dials, but will not light up for the BLF. I have followed the suggestions in the administrative guide and followed everything everyone has suggested in NetPro with no luck.

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Re: BLF-SD Not Working - CUCM6.0

You need to select the SUBSCRIBE calling search space under the properties of the device.

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Re: BLF-SD Not Working - CUCM6.0

I did have SUBSCRIBE CSS set on both phones, but its now working.

The problem was the phone firmware revision. They were both running 7.2, (as they were pointing to an old TFTP server for legacy reasons). As soon as I pointed them to the Call Manager and they upgraded their firmware to 8.x the BLF SD's worked great.

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