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Blind switchboard operators


I'm looking for the options that available today for supporting a blind switchboard operators in a CM environment.

Today the blind switchboard operators have a legacy PBX phone that have the ability to fully support blind switchboard operators by voice announcement of the incoming CID and if its a blocked CID announcement if its an internal or external addition voice announcement of phone feature (for example the time ) .

Any idea will be appreciated .


Re: Blind switchboard operators

The PBX system required rewiring every time an employee was hired or changed offices. And customer call volume was beginning to overwhelm ACC's switchboard operators, who had difficulty queuing calls, resulting in longer wait times for customers and calls often being routed back to the operator.

The new IP phones have transformed how ACC handles customer calls:

The system easily routes each call directly to the right person's desktop IP phone or, if he or she is away from the desk, to a mobile IP phone.

When an employee moves from one location to another, or gets a new job assignment, he or she unplugs the phone set, takes it to the new location, and plugs it in.

Mobile IP phones give employees the flexibility to move in and out of the building easily without losing phone contact with the customer.

Unified messaging features mean employees don't need separate devices for e-mail, voice mail, and fax services. All communications are routed to a single inbox and can be retrieved from an IP phone or from a PC. Its integrated IP Communications solution from ADP and Cisco gives ACC the ability to take the fullest advantage of its network infrastructure.

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