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block 1900 on sip phone (CME)

For blocking 1900 calls on sccp phones we usually use after-hours block-pattern under telephony-service.

What is the best way for blocking particular patterns for sip endpoints ?


Re: block 1900 on sip phone (CME)

if you want to block certain calls going from SIP phones on CME,

Use the voice translation-rule command to create the definition of a translation rule.

These translation rules are grouped into profiles that are referenced by trunk groups, dial peers, source IP groups, voice ports, and interfaces.


The following example initiates translation rule 150, Which includes two rules:

Router(config)# voice translation-rule 150

Router(cfg-translation-rule)# rule 1 reject /^408\(.(\)/

Router(cfg-translation-rule)# rule 2 /\(^...\)853\(...\)/ /\1525\2/

apply this to translation-profile

use profile in sip dial-peer

Hope it helps!

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Re: block 1900 on sip phone (CME)

Just make sure your destinaiton-pattern do not cover that number. eg:

destination-pattern 1[1-8]......T

If your country uses is fixed length numbers, configure it without T

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Re: block 1900 on sip phone (CME)

Thanks for advise , but we do not use destination-pattern at all. we rely on digit-collect kpml because most of our phones are 7961.

As I understand (correct me if Im wrong) destination-pattern needs only if phone do not support digit-by-digit dialing

I would try translation-pattern from first posting.

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Re: block 1900 on sip phone (CME)

How kpml collection works ? That is a SIP only setting to my knowledge.

You best choice is to use SCCP on the phones so they also will support your national language.

note whatever setting under telephony-service DO NOT apply to SIP phones. Anoter good reason to avoid SIP.

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