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Block callers if Caller-ID withheld (CUCME)

I've been trying to think of an efficient way to shun or divert incoming calls if the caller has their caller-ID blocked or withheld. I have this setup in a working home environment (lab).

The problem I have is, how can I match on *nothing*? I thought about a translation rule to match the calling number, but if there is nothing there then how is that possible?

Currently, I pay my telco to block callers of this type. Therefore I am unable to call the system and block my ID to see what is actually sent (i.e. simply nothing or something else such as "withheld" as a name field for example.

This system is connected to a PSTN POTS trunk via a single FXO port.

Thanks for any suggestions. I were unable to find someone else online that has done this.

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Block callers if Caller-ID withheld (CUCME)

Blocks no ANI calls:

voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 reject /^$/
voice translation-profile reject_ANI translate calling 1
dial-peer voice 1 pots
 call-block translation-profile incoming reject_ANI
 call-block disconnect-cause incoming user-busy

Note when doing that, you will be unable (for example), to receive calls from Skype users, and other legitimate callers.

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Block callers if Caller-ID withheld (CUCME)

Thanks Paulo,

I'm now going to be able to put this to the test. I ran a quick test and when you withheld a number the calling number is blank but the calling name is "WITHHELD".

I'm wondering if it is possible to match on a calling name? Because with the above method, when international callers phone us there is no sent calling number but the calling name is "INTERNATIONAL", , so the above would also block internation callers?

002710: Jun  5 12:28:42.993 GMT: [0/0/0] get_fxo_caller_id calling num= calling name=WITHHELD calling time=06/05 12:28 number blocked

I've included our output to show

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Block callers if Caller-ID withheld (CUCME)


I am wondering if you got this working fully in the end Tony?

If so, how di dyou accomplish this task.



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Block callers if Caller-ID withheld (CUCME)

Unfortunately not. I ended up moving home and circumstances changed. CUCME has some unfortunate and annoying limitations.

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