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Block calls to NULL Parition


     I am working with a customer that has an existing CUCM deployment where all the phone lines are in the NULL partition (<none>).  We are adding a couple phones that need to be able to dial out, but should not be able to dial some of the users with phones in the NULL partition.   Is there a way to block calling to NULL?  (I assume not). I have tried adding the new lines into a parition, and adding a blocking route pattern, or translation pattern, but that does not work, lines in the Null partition seem to take precendence.

At this point, we don't want to change the existing users to add paritions to the phone lines (with the way the CSS is done at this site, this is not a small project).

This is far from best practice, but I am hoping someone has an idea that may work.

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Block calls to NULL Parition


As you say... it's bad practice..

I can't quite recall where appears but I think it is probably at the end of the list of partitions in a CSS. Given that, you might be able to add some tx patterns with 'block' set to override them in a partition that you add to the CSS of the phones that you need to restrict dialling from...

You would have to use patterns that equal the digit length of the extensions in - if they're shorter (i.e. wildcards) then they definately won' t match... so you might have to add a lot of patterns.

If you have tried that already then you probably can't do it.


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Block calls to NULL Parition

Thanks for the response Aaron.

Unfortunatly We did try that, with a translation rule, and an exact number (no wildcards), and it is ignoring the translation rule and going through still. (have a partition on the new phone, with the translation rule in the same partition, as well that parition is the first in the list on the CSS on that line).

We've come to the conclussion that it can't be done without adding paritions to all the lines.

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