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Block calls with no caller ID

I've been looking around and haven't got an answer yet for this.

Is it possible to block calls tha come from PSTN with no caller ID? GW is H.323.

I know is a strange request but customers are customers.

If it is possible, I would like to know how is it done.

Apreciate your time,


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Re: Block calls with no caller ID

I have done it by using IPCC express. Basically, you have your callmanager call a trigger from the gateway on an inbound call and that trigger runs a script to see if it can determine caller ID. If not, then it plays a message and disconnects, if so, then it looks at the orignally called number and trasnfers to that number. not the most elegant way of doing things but it works. I would also check legal restrictions around it if it's a school or public entity...

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Re: Block calls with no caller ID

Thanks for the prompt response. I can see how that could be done, good workaround, but there is the detail about licenses for IVR ports and having IPCC installed ;o).

I was thinking about Unity, you think it can be pulled out with Unity? Setting a side the fact that ports will be an issue?

Thanks again!!

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Re: Block calls with no caller ID

Hola, you can use a translation rule like:

voice translation-profile no-anon

translate calling 100

voice translation-rule 100

rule 1 reject //

voice-port x/y/z

translation-profile incoming no-anon

Or even route to an announcement if you want, let us know what is the preference.

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