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Block incoming call

Hy guys,

I have a doubt

it is possible to block an extension to receive incoming calls of PSTN using CSS and Partition or other feature?



Re: Block incoming call

That all depends. Are you trying to block a call based on the calling number, or are you trying to block all PSTN calls to this extension? Is this an MGCP or H.323 gateway. Please provide more information. Thanks

New Member

Re: Block incoming call

Hi kenneth,

I need to block any incoming call of PSTN for some extensions, however it would not like to use translations for that, Gateway uses H323

Do you have any ideia?

Re: Block incoming call

Well if it is for ALL the incoming calls to those extensions then just assign a CSS to the GW that does not reach the extension's partition.

But if you are trying to block calls per calling number you can use translation rules with H.323 GW's:

New Member

Re: Block incoming call


but it is that that would not like to use because I have many numbers that cannot receive external calls, and the translation-rule it is limited to 15 numbers by each translation

in this case I would have to create several translations-rules hindering the administration

but thank you for the help.

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