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Block Long Distance Transfers

What are the config steps to prevent toll fraud where a user sets his call forward all (transfer) to an long distance number. I don't want to stop all transfers to off-net since users ofter transfer/call forward their main line to a cell phonem which is off net but stil local. Just want to prevent long distance transfers.

New Member

Re: Block Long Distance Transfers

Just set the call forward all Calling Search Space to a restrictive scope. They won't even be able to key in a long distance pattern.

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Block Long Distance Transfers

Hi Robert,

In most CCM configurations it is recommended to have multiple CSS's (Calling Search Space) that limit access to various calling levels.

For example you might have;

On-Campus CSS - Allows only 4-digit Dialing

Local CSS - Allows 9+7-digit Local Dialing

Long Distance CSS - Allows full 9(0+1)10-digit

You can then apply these same CSS to the Call Forward All CSS to prevent against Toll Fraud abuse. So in your case you might allow either On-Campus or Local CSS against Call Forward All :)

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: Block Long Distance Transfers

Thanks everyone. I was so focused on the call classification field in the route patterns that I didn't consider the easiest solution that was to change the Foward All CSS. Thanks again. That's the easiest way.

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