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Blocking Incoming Calls

Hello All,

CallManager: 8.0.3

Gateways: Cisco 2821 (MGCP) x 3 (2 production, 1 Fail-Over)

I found a few differnent Docs for Blocking Incoming Calls, which all seem to point to using Translation Patterns

to re-route the Call to a Bogus CSS, or something along those lines...

          I found these Docs for Blocking Incoming Calls:




The last Doc in that list DOC-18367 seems to have the most detailed explaination of how to do this. Within the

instructions the first 2 steps say to:

          1. Create 2 Partitions called "Inbound_Calls" and "Filter_List"

          2. Create 2 Calling Search Spaces called "Gateways" and "To_Filter_List"

Is it necessary to create TWO new Partitions and CSSs to do this? I only ask because we have about 66 Partitions

and 77 Calling Search Spaces, and I don't want to mess up any of the Call Routing that's currenty in place.

The numbers that need to be blocked are calling into the building to a specific Local phone line that is in the DID. In that

case would I still have to do those first 2 steps listed above? Or could I just create a Translation Pattern using the exact

number of the incoming Caller and route it to some Bogus CSS that contains nothing..?

     Also, I came across "Blocked Learned Pattern" in CallManager and was curious about it...

     Could anyone explain what the "Blocked Learned Pattern" is used for (*in somewhat layman's terms).

     I read the Help Page on it, but it seemed somewhat vague. Could this be used to Block Incoming Phone

     Calls, using a Pattern in which to block..?


After reading further on that last link listed above I found a section for "Adding Call Blocking Based on Calling Party ID to

an Existing System".  So in that case would I just create my Translation Pattern which contains the EXACT number I want

to block and then add that Translation Pattern to the Calling Search Space of where the Directory Number lives?

Thanks in Advance,


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Re: Blocking Incoming Calls

To quote the relevant part from the third link in your post.

"NOTE: The ‘Gateways’ Calling Search Space must not contain any partitions that contain directory numbers, otherwise, calls will be routed directly rather than through the calling party filters."

You wouldn't want to do this on your active gateway inbound CSS because that would stop all calls coming in.

If you were using H.323 you could have created a translation rule directly in your gateway to reject the number and this wouldn't involve changing adding partitions or CSS'.

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Blocking Incoming Calls

Hey Scott, thanks for the reply!

Yea, also in that link, which I didn't notice until after I posted my OP (*as you can see in the "Edit" section of my post), that they did have a section for "Adding Call Blocking Based on Calling Party ID to an Existing System" which states I would only need to start from #8 in that list. It states:

         "Following the configuration steps above, an administrator can set up the global translate and blocked number

          Partitions through step 8 without affecting call processing in the system."

Are they saying I would need to do everything up until #8 or just everything starting at 8 till the end...?

But shouldn't I be able to simply setup a "Translation Pattern" that would match the number of an incoming call and route based on that? Is that what the option does for "Route Next Hop by Calling Party ID", cause I'm kind of confused on what checking that option actuially does..? Any idea how that option works?

Thanks Again,


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Blocking Incoming Calls

Hi Matthew,

you can also use the Eternal Call Control feature on your CUCM.

However, it means you need to configure some external application which will take a control and block the call.

2Ring solution called PHONE SERVICES has such module. So if you need to know more, just follow the link:



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Blocking Incoming Calls

Hi Matthew,

The requiremen to block selected incomming/Outgoing calls to CUCM can be achieved using MARS Intellicall Application for CUCM ( based on CUCM CURRI)

Application video :


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