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Blocking Transferring, Conferencing, & Call Forwarding to DN


There are particular DN's our IP Phone users dial directly but we'd like to prevent them from Transferring, Conferencing, and Call Forwarding to those DN's.

Call Forwarding shouldn't be too much trouble where I would create the following:

1. Create a Blocking Translation Pattern for DN's

2. Create a Blocking Partition to associate to the Blocking Translation with.

3. Create a Blocking Calling Space Space that will include the Blocking Partition.

4. At the Phone Line Level, assign the Blocking Calling Search Space to the Call Forward drop down boxes.

However, this does not resolve my issue with preventing users from transferring and conferencing to the blocked DN's while still allowing to dial those DN's directly.

One idea that comes to mind is utilizing Unity's call routing rules where I would somehow distinguish them based on direct and forwarded calls. However, this might be too complicated. Thoughts?

Anyone have any ideas on how I can restrict transferring and conferencing to certain DN's while still allowing direct calls to them? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Blocking Transferring, Conferencing, & Call Forwarding to DN

that doesn't sound doable, CUCM alone cannot do that. if you can call a phone you can conference or transfer to it.

unity has no way to distinguish if you're trying to transfer or conference someone, it's a call to unity.

when you press the softkey you put current call on hold and simply start a new call, to any other system you try to dial it will simply be treated as such, a regular call. cucm does not send any special tag of this is for a conference or from a transfer.

probably not what you wanted to hear but this is how the system works



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