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Branch office CUBE


I Have a requirement to setup a CUBE inbetween some 3rd party SIP phones and their registrar server.

According to the documentation I need to configure the Cube to support SIP Registration Proxy.

The following steps are required for this configuration

Configuring Support for SIP Registration Proxy on Cisco UBE

•Enabling Local SIP Registrar (required)

•Configuring SIP Registration at the Global Level (required)

•Configuring SIP Registration at the Dial Peer Level (required)

I would like to know if this is the correct approach.

I would also like to understand the dial-peer configuration in this case.

Am I to create two dial-peers?  One for outgoing and one for incoming?

If so, how would the incoming dial-peer look like?  As I do not have a trunk configuration towards each phone.  The Phones get IP's assigned via DHCP.

According to the documentation I need to create a dial-peer with session target registrar

This does not seem to be a supported option in my ver 15.1(3)T

Can anyone provide me with a sample config for this scenario?

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Re: Branch office CUBE

OK, so I managed to figure out the session target registrar command issue.

You first have to tell the dial-peer it will be signalling sip with session protocol sip

Only there after the session target registrar command will be available.

I also think I now understand the dial-peer requirement.  The destination pattern for the phones should point towards the DN's of the phones.

I am still not sure how the router would know where to send the registration request to.  It looks like either the

voice service voip


registration passthrough static

or dial-peer command

voice-class sip registration passthrough static

would pass the registration request on to the registrar address specified in the registration message coming from the sip phone.

Can someone conferm that I am on the right track?

Do I need another outbound dial-peer pointing towards the registrar server?

What should the session target of this dial-peer be?

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