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New Member

broadcast hunt group?

I'm not sure if I am using the correct terminalogy. I am rather new to Call mananger. We are running 7.1.3.

I am wanting to setup a "helpdesk" extension for our department. Easy enough. I already have the extension number I want to use.

The goal is to have the following happen.

User dials 6422 and it rings on both 6420, and 6421 (easy part, I already know how to do that)

However, if after the standard 3 rings neither 6420 or 21 picks up, the call will then ring all 4 phones in our department (6420, 6421, 6423, 6424)

The last part is where I am having trouble. We do not want to utilize the attendant console but simply want the other 2 extensions to ring if the first 2 extenions are no answer or busy.

I could just add the 6422 extension to all 4 phones, however I don't want 6423 or 6424 to ring with the 6422 incoming call unless the other 2 techs haven't answered the phone.

Cisco Employee

Re: broadcast hunt group?

Create 2 line groups, one with 2 members, the other with 4 members and add them in the hunt list config in that order.



If this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate
New Member

Re: broadcast hunt group?

I've setup the 2 line groups, and setup a hunt list with the 2 line groups added in order.

However, when I call the 6422 extension the phone that has the 6522 DN on it rings just fine, but it isn't also ringing my 6423 extension after 3 rings. The 6422 just rings and rings and rings.

Am I missing some config somewhere?

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: broadcast hunt group?

Hi  there,

Under the Line Group page check the RNA -Reversion Timeout and then set;

For Busy and No Answer

Try next member, then, try next group in Hunt list



New Member

Re: broadcast hunt group?

That is exactly how it is already setup and it's not working.

I have managed to do the following to get further along, but I have run into different issues.

Line Group 1


x 6420

x 6421

Line Group 2






Hunt List 1


Line Group 1 (then)

Line Group 2 (then)


Hunt Pilot


Pattern 6422

Hunt List = Hunt List 1

The above configuration correctly rings x6420 and x6421 when a caller dials x6422. After 3 rings all 4 extensions ring for another 3 rings.

I only have 2 problems with the above configuration. Since the hunt pilot is not technically a DN I can't figure out how to give the faux extension a name when a caller dials it. Currently on the phone it just says "To 6422"

The second issue is it doesnt seem to be kicking to voicemail correctly. It seems as though it is forwarding to the callers own personal voicemail box instead of the voicemail box that I setup for extension 6422 inside unity.

EDIT: The voicemail issue is troublesome. When the hunt list goes through and rings all the phones and after it finally kicks it to voicemail, it is asking me to enter in my pin number. It isn't playing the greeting for the 6422 mailbox that I have setup. When I put in the pin it says "your account is locked. Please contact your system administrator"