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Broadcast Intercom?

On most phone systems the intercom feature works in groups, as a paging system of sorts.

Im on UCM 6.1 and cant figure out how to do anything other than station to station intercom.

Please help.

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Re: Broadcast Intercom?

What you want is paging, intercom is 1:1

NO CUCM release has paging, you need a 3rd party app for that.



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Re: Broadcast Intercom?

In Avaya and Nortel if it doesnt involve an amplifier then it is still considered intercom. Though the broadcast application is more of a pager. Did a 2000 user Avaya install without a single horn or amp and did all the "paging" with the intercom feature. I just assumed the cisco's being more advanced could do the same.

Just one more of those Telecom 101 things that cisco completely dropped the ball on.

Re: Broadcast Intercom?

This probably doesn't help, but CME allows paging over the phones with no limitation. Give Cisco a chance! Seeing as they started making phones about 100 years later then Nortel, NEC and Avaya they still have some catching up to do ;)

In Cisco's defense- there is a point where some number of simultaneous voice streams will have a negative impact on nearly any network. 10/100 switches with 1000+ phones for example might not perform too well during a page.

I am curious about your Avaya install. Are you implying that you could simultaneously page 2000 IP phones at once?

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Re: Broadcast Intercom?

we use Berbee or Infromacast for that, it does makes paging broadcast paging across the phones or across the IP Speakers possible.


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