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BT 21CN - SIP header CRF

Hi there,

We are bolting a CUCM 8 cluster into BTs 21CN for SIP voice. They are asking what CUCM will be sending in the SIP HEader for the identtiity of the CLI.

Presentation Number Source defines where the network will source the Presentation number from. The SIP network can pick it up from either the Default Presentation Number (cell AD) or from the From or PAID (P-Asserted-Identity ) attribute provided in the SIP header during the call set-up INVITE message, in which case the screening list in cell AF applies. Consult with PBX maintainer and customer in what SIP header the presentation number will be sent. Possible values:
Default  - 0  From - 1  PAID -2

I am configuring the CLI on the line of each phone in the External Phone Number Mask field. So with this in mind does anyone know how CUCM will provide this in the SIP invite?


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