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Building a communications server for VOIP and VOICEMAIL to EMAIL

Good day. I'm in the process of starting a fairly large project for a fairly small company. I'm in the process of researching hardware and software components I can integrate into our existing network that will allow our operators, who man the phones and email all day, to be able to incorporate the two. I'm looking for information on how the operator will be able to receive incoming calls on a VOIP headset, as well as receive voicemail through their Outlook Inbox and perform a call back also using Outlook. I currently have Faxserve running, which I am in the process of establishing DID lines to route each fax to a specific Outlook inbox, however since the start of this project, I may hold off on that if the configuration is going to drasticallly change. Basically I'm looking to merge all the different communication methods we are currently using into an efficient single IP solution, also to include Video over IP, which I recognize as being a bandwidth hog, but at present multiple T1 lines are feeding the backbone, so current config should allow for it. I know this is a lot of information, but any assistance as to what direction I should look for H/W and S/W solutions would be greatly appreciated. Cost is not a factor at this time all avenues may be persued, so please do not limit responses to financial efficiency. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Building a communications server for VOIP and VOICEMAIL to E

It's hard to be specific without knowing all of your requirements, but Cisco Callmanager and Cisco Unity will accomplish what you've described here - VoIP, Unified messaging, dialing from Outlook, etc. Take a look at the following link which lists Cisco's Voice and Unified Communications products.

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Re: Building a communications server for VOIP and VOICEMAIL to E

Thanks for the link. It seems like the unity line will more than fit the bill. The flash presentations gave me a more vivid look into how it would incorporate into our infrastructure. Thanks again for the info.

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