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Bulk administration - Update line - CUCM 7.0

We have to change the external phone number mask for a different number for each line. Actually we have the same main number program for each line.

Is it possible to do a global change with a custom file to change this field without do it manually.

Thank you.

Sonia Condo, Bell Canada

System application Manager

New Member

Re: Bulk administration - Update line - CUCM 7.0

Yes. Are you familiar with the Bulk administration Tool (BAT)? From the Admin Gui, choose 'Bulk Administration>Phones>add/update lines. Specify all the DN's you need to change and click next. Scroll down about 3/4 of the page and find the checkbox next to External Phone Number Mask. Check the box, and specify the new number you need to change it to. especially since you are changing all DN appearances to the same mask, this is very slick. hope that helps!

New Member

Re: Bulk administration - Update line - CUCM 7.0

Hi, I knew about the Bulk administration tool. I think you read me wrong... It's not the same mask... I want tho program a different External phone number mask on each line...

Thank anyway.


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Re: Bulk administration - Update line - CUCM 7.0

Ah. So, assuming you have an actual 4-digit directory number for each line in question, 1000, for example, and if the NPA-NXX - first six digits of the number - are consistent, you can do this. using 501555 as an example, if you place:

501555XXXX as the mask on each 4 digit line, the will replace the XXXX with each DN number and send 5015551000.

good luck,


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