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Bulk Changes for multiple phones

I have a customer with 700 phones running on CM 7.x wants to change phone configuration in 200 phones all at once just overnight . It is not like changing a DP or changing templates if it is I can use Bulk Admin Tool but these changes are significant for example if a phone has primary line and 3 more lines as shared lines when they make the change they might add a new extn as shared line and change all the existing 3 shared lines to totally different numbers.  This they want to do on all 200 phones overnight is there any 3rd party tool to do this ? or what is the best way to do it?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Bulk Changes for multiple phones

If you have the data for the phones that your customer wishes to change, then you could prepare a BAT file that reflects the new configuration and then when you BAT the phones back in there is an option to 'OVERRIDE EXISTING CONFIGURATION'.  If you check this box when you run the BAT job, then the old phone configurations will be updated with the desired config.

Now, the question is - do you have the data for what phones need to be changed or is this something you are looking to gather so that you can plan accordingly?

Honestly, running BAT on several hundred phones isn't crazy as long as what you're doing is well thought out and planned.


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Re: Bulk Changes for multiple phones


Thanks. I have done with Export and Import option in BAT  with overwrite option but the changes they are going to make is going to be significant for each phone that is why I was looking for other options.

Thanks for your help again.

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