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Bulk Edit for Caller Input

Is there any Cisco Unity tool that can help me to bulk edit the caller Input for Cisco Unity Connection 9.0?

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Bulk Edit for Caller Input

I dont think so, or at least I have not heard of one :-(

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Bulk Edit for Caller Input


For system call handler,users etc, you can use bulk edit button to enter in bulk modification.




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"The more you help the more you learn"

Please rate all helpful posts "The more you help the more you learn"
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Bulk Edit for Caller Input

Hi Rachel,

If you are setting a common/shared Caller Input;

This is where Bulk Edit will be one of your best friends in Unity Connection

Here's a clip;

To Edit User Account Information in Bulk Edit Mode (some editing from original)


Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, on the Search Users page, check the applicable user check boxes, and select Bulk Edit.


If the user accounts that you want to edit in bulk do not all appear on  one Search page, check all applicable check boxes on the first page,  then go to the next page and check all applicable check boxes, and so  on, until you have selected all applicable users. Then select Bulk Edit.


Step 2 On the Edit Caller Input page, change settings as applicable.


Note The  Status message at the top of the Edit Caller Input page tells you how  many user accounts are being edited. Also note that the page is  populated only with the fields that you are allowed to edit in bulk  mode, and that the fields available for edit also depend on whether all  of the user accounts reside on the local server.


Step 3 If applicable, set the Bulk Edit Task Scheduling Fields to schedule the Bulk Edit operation for a later date and/or time.


Step 4 Select Submit.


Step 5 If  applicable, continue to change settings for these user accounts on the  related pages available from the Edit menu. As you make changes on each  page, select Submit before going on to the next page to make additional changes.

Try a couple of test users first to come up with the exact plan.


As a test here I tried the Bulk Edit and chose;

User with Voicemail > Users referenced in this CSV file > Next

This then allowed me to browse to an existing "basic" .csv that I had

used to create a test user recently when playing with BAT. In this .csv

I had one user named Bob Uncle with DN/ext 5126. So when I used this method

the Bulk Edit tool (smart puppy ) selected only Bob Uncle for my edit choices

and I was able to change the settings I wanted

It looks like this may be your best bet, try manipulating some test users to perfect

your methodology.

I have attached the test .csv I used below

Just as an might be interested in this, as you can do some "self-serve"

roll-out if you build the original users with a default Dial 0 in their Template;

After the user has been setup "once" with a Dial 0 (or any other key) via Caller Input they can

actually edit the numbers themselves going forward. So if you build the Dial

Zero they can control where it goes from then on

Specifying    keys that transfer to alternate contact numbers for a user, and    optionally specifying the alternate contact numbers. (When an    administrator configures a key to transfer to an alternate contact    number, the user can edit the alternate contact number for the key by    using the Connection personal settings conversation.)




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Bulk Edit for Caller Input

Hi Rob

Thanks so much

All good now appreciate your help

Kind regards


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