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Bulk Subscribed Phone Services CUCM 6.x

Is is possible to do bulk Subscribe/Unsunscribe  for given device pool instead of going to each phone 1 by one. I have look under BAT and couldn't find anything under updates phones field. Attach is the screen shot . Thanks

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Re: Bulk Subscribed Phone Services CUCM 6.x


Yes, you can do this via BAT. You first need to create a phone template in BAT which has the full list of services you want to put on the phones.

Then go to Bulk Admin, Phones, Update Phones, Query... select your device pool and hit 'Find...'.

When you have the correct list of phones displayed that you want to update, click 'Next'. At the bottom of the page, there should be a section that allows you to apply the list of services from any phone template. Select the phone template, and the services will be added.



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Re: Bulk Subscribed Phone Services CUCM 6.x

Thanks I tried it, but it is giving me this error

Update Phones - Query

Begin Time : 04/06/2010 11:03:00

Query :

SET Values :

Failure Details :

name          Error Code          Error Description


SEP001360864484 Could not position within a table (informix.telecastersubscribedservice).BAT Exception : UpdatePhone::getTeleSubServicesPkids

Any suggestions

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Re: Bulk Subscribed Phone Services CUCM 6.x

I found this but not sure if there is fix yet, if anyone knows a fix please update this thread.


It's a bug:

Assign IP Phone Services

Add All Services From This Template

From the drop-down list box, choose the template that contains list of services that you want to update the phones with.

CSCea28827 Bug Details

BAT to support subscribing users to PAB and Fast Dial Services


Cannot subscribe the users to IP Phone services like Personal Address Book

and Fast Dials through BAT. This applies to any IP Phone services.


The problem exists in all the BAT versions



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Re: Bulk Subscribed Phone Services CUCM 6.x

Did anyone find a resolution to this bug? I need to bulk add services to around 800 phones.

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