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Bulk updating Busy Lamp Field Speed Dial


Is it possible to bulk update Busy Lamp Field Speed Dial button layout on a number of phones already registered in CUCM?

Phones are 7931 UCM version 8.6(2).

I have set the layout i need in a BAT phone template, but i don't see a way to use it for updating already registered phones. It is used only when registering new phones thru BAT.

In BAT -> update phones -> query there's an option "Add all speed dials from this template", but this does not affect the BLF buttons, only the speed dials.

So is there a way?

It is a lot of manual work to update 50 phones x 24 buttons with the shitty interface and the upside-down logic.

The only solution I've found is to export all phones with BAT, delete them all, then import them again using the phone template with the new layout. This works but is very dirty and i need to associate again all phones with the end users which is again clicking.

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Bulk updating Busy Lamp Field Speed Dial


To update BLF Speed Dials for existing Phones you will need to do a BAT-> Phones -> Export Phone -> All Details. Edit the CSV with BLF values and use it to insert phones -> All Details.

Sounds messy, but you can't just update the BLF SD with BAT.



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