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Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

Trying to install CUBAC on a new, clean W2K3 system. Application installs OK, TSP installs OK, Cisco Audio Codec installs OK. CUBAC server connects to CUCM OK and creates CTI RP and CTI Ports, using the CUCM User I added. So I am confident of the user details.

Problem is the TSP can't communicate with CUCM, I get a failure in the TSP log file -

CiscoTSP001.tsp| CQBEHelperBase::ProviderOpen() *ERROR* Directory login failed. Check user name and login in TSP configuration.|<LVL::Error><MASK::0001>

The user has CTI rights as described in the install guide, and I can see the TSP talking to CUCM in a sniffer trace. I know the username and password are OK as they work elsewhere in the application, eg CUCM synch.

I have installed/removed/reinstalled the TSP and WAV driver as per the install guide but always the same issue.

I would appreciate any ideas. The release notes have a number of open caveats as bugs but they are cisco internall access only - which is a pain.

Versions are


TSP 6.1(0.10) - came with CUBAC but same as on CUCM downlaod

CUBAC V1.1.2.25

Console V1.1.2.108

Msft Win2k3 SP2

Many Thanks


Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

The user configured in TSP side and CCM side is the same, using sam epassword?

AD integration by any chance and LDAP auth enabled?

If you open RTMT Sylog viewer under APP do u see same errors?

Other app using TSP and same credentials works fine? Softphone, Windows dialer?

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Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

User is _exactly_ the same on both sides, sames passwords, I checked this several times.

We have AD integration and authentication enabled, which works well for other functions.

We can log in using the CUCM web interface using the same username/password. No other apps use the TSP.

I will check the Syslog viewer.

Any other ieads, is AD integration an issue?


New Member

Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure


sorry to do this to you, but at the moment Win2k3 is not supported! The TSP should work (I would check the CTI Roles & Groups in the first instance), but later on down the line you will have issues with the IIS/Web Admin

There is a newer version going through the Cisco FCS process at the moment which will support Win2k3, but for the moment I'd suggest downgrading the OS before you spend more time on this - TAC wont support your current version on Win2k3 i'm afraid


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Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

Hi Bennie

Long time no speak. This is a very confusing situation, as the release notes clearly state that W2K3 is supported as I think does the install guide. Regardless of the technical issues here, the documentation needs sorting, as it is unclear in a number of sections. Contact me off line if you want feedback.

However, we started on W2K, and encountered this TSP login issue before we moved to W2K3.

So right now we are looking at what tools are available to debug the login process. Any suggestions?

I also installed and tested the TSP from CUCM6.1.2 on W2K3 successfully with a Lab CUCM6.1 and the Microsoft dialer, and it works fine, so the problem our customer is seeing is not OS or TSP specific as far as I can see.

Are there any known issues where CUCM is authenticating logins against AD, as the customer CUCM is integrated to AD.

The login works fine for Web access from a Cisco app, but how about the TSP, any known issues there?



New Member

Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

There's nothing I know of specifically. I'm pretty sure that we do have TSP's working with AD integrated CUCMs. Other than checking the roles & groups on the CUCM user configuration, it may have to be a TAC Case

However, you could try the TAPI Softphone from - this is a good CTI testing tool (similar to the MD Dialer, only better). Failing that, ensure that you';re not doing the installation via Terminal Services/RDP, as the TAPI Wave Driver doesnt support that?

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Re: Business Attendant Console TSP login failure

The fix is with the AD authentication. We had to change the AD authentication setting which needs to point to the Global Catalog Server on port 3268. Using port 389 worked for things like CUCM Admin login but the TSP authentication failed.

This change fixed the problem, and there is a reference to using this port number in the SRND for CUCM6


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