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Busyout IP probing

Hello everybody,

I have a CUCM 6.1.3 cluster (2 nodes) with 2 GW2811 (using H323), each one with 1xPRI to PSTN.

Redundancy is correctly managed for incoming and outgoing calls for all scenarios except one: when a voice GW is network-isolated.

The problem is when a GW is not able to reach CUCM nodes, its PRI line is still up, and PSTN continues to send incoming calls using Round-Robin to E1 interface. Because the serial interface is up but the VoIP side is not reachable, 1/2 incoming calls are busy.

I never used the busyout command but maybe it could be a solution.

The best solution would be to shut the serial interface when the IP addresses of CUCM are not reachable.

However, I saw in the documentation I have to use call fallback and SAA capabilities and I don't know if CUCM could be a supported end for SAA...

My question is: how can I configure busyout or any other command to shut serial interface when the GW is not able to reach CUCM. If I can do that, all incoming calls will be routed to the second gateway only from PSTN.

Thank you very much for your advices.

Best regards,


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Re: Busyout IP probing

Also you can ask your service provider to reroute call through another pri line if your router send in q.931 special parametr, which meen that it can not route the call.

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Re: Busyout IP probing


Which "q931 special parameter" are you talking about?

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