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C2801 E1 to Asterisk using SIP

Hi All

I'm a SIP newbie so I'd really appreciate some help. I have a Cisco 2801 running Advanced IP Services 12.4(17). I am trying to get it to act as a SIP gateway between a server with a Dialogic D/600JCT-1E1 card (E1 card) and another server running Asterisk.

I seem to be able to establish the call from the E1 card to the Cisco router OK, as I see the channels come up and go down again at the end of the call. However no connection attempt is made with the Asterisk server. When I look at the call history on the router there is no mention made of VOIP calls - just the TELE calls.

Can anybody suggest what I might be doing wrong. I have attached my config for reference.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: C2801 E1 to Asterisk using SIP

I've found the problem. I did not have any POTS dial-peers defined for my E1 connection. I added...

dial-peer voice 4 pots

destination-pattern 4...


port 0/1/0:15

prefix 4

and it started working.

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