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C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download


I am trying to locate the .tar file to copy to my router. to run CME GUI I donwloaded the Tar file which had several folders and files. Here is some of the extraction:

cme-151-4Mv1  (Folder)

      CME 8.6  (folder)

           CME 8.6.0 GUI (folder)

                         .tar files etc


while my router is running CME 8.6 I am unable to access the gui after enabling it. Screen is blank after the log in box.

The flash does nbot have any CME tar files or XML files as my older 1760s do. I was expecting that there would be a .tar file above that would include all the support files needed to run CME 8.6. I dont beleive I have the gui files installed but I can verify telephony-servcies are running in the cli.

Is there a single .tar file that will have all the phone loads, and gui files I need?

I cant seem to find a ccme .tar file to download by itself nor can I spot something useful it in the extraction I have.

Any help figuing this out would be great. thanks in advance!


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Re: C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

Hello inside the CUCME Tar file has the folder for the gui files.

I download this file cme-151-4Mv1.tar inside this file has the CME 8.6.0 GUI that cointain the files.

Check this doc:

Make sure you get the same CUCME GUI files of your CUCME that is running:

"Cisco Unified CME GUI files are version-specific;  GUI files for one version of Cisco Unified CME are not compatible with  any other version of Cisco Unified CME."

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Leonardo Santana

New Member

C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

That is my problem I guess,. I dont know the tar file I need.  here is a screen shot of the extraction- what is the file name? Nothiing is in the

Re: C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

Hello you need the files inside the folder CME 8.6.0

Please check the link that i send.

Other thing see if you enable http and map the gui files:

ip http server

ip http path flash0:/CME/GUI -> Here you map where your files are! in my case i create i directory CME and the GUI files are inside the GUI folder


web admin system name administrator password cisco

dn-webedit - To enable the adding of extensions (ephone-dns) through the Cisco    Unified CME graphical user interface (GUI)

time-webedit - To enable the system administrator to set time on the Cisco Unified CME router through the web interface

Accessing the CUCME


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Leonardo Santana

New Member

C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

So maybe that is where I am confused. I dont tftp the archive, just tftp it to the flash:?

C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

Yes if you want to enable GUI in your CME you need this files in your router.

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C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

I have a 2901 router with c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M3 . I am trying to do a fresh install of the CUCME.

Downloaded the file cme-151-4Mv1. Now need to extract this file to the flash, I used the archive command, it works, but I have to two questions.

1. Because the using flash size is only 244MB(originally 256MB) , I would like to know if I can extract only the basic files for running on two SCCP 7965 phones. If I copy all the extracted files from the cme-15.1 , at end of the extraction, the flash memory runs out of space. So, I want to run the CUCME with only two 7965 IP Phones, what files can I ignore, I suppose all the files which are related to other IP Phone type can be ignored? or not?

2. I am using the archive command to extract the CME15.1 onto the flash from the tftp server, but the hirarchy of folders which I am expecting is not getting created. All the files are extracted directly to the flash



C2901 CME 8.6 Tar File download

Copy the only files that you need!

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