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c6921 hold and call


we are using a c6921 (SCCP- with CME 8.6.  If you make a call, press hold and try to make a new call, a message
about no channels availabled is shown. It is strange because if you make a call, press transfer button, then you can make a new
call without problem. Besides you can receive serveral calls and use hold feature without problem. Release is supposed
to support multi-call per-line appearance. Is it a bug or normal?

That the CME configuration:

ephone  59

 device-security-mode none
 mac-address C464.13FD.E381
 max-calls-per-button 2
 type 6921
 button  1:59

Thanks in advanced.




I'd suggest upgrading the

I'd suggest upgrading the firmware to 9.4.1 and see if the behavior is any different.  I don't have a 6921 in front of me to test with.

Hello,I have also found the


I have also found the following bug CSCtq45335

The 6921/6941/696/6945(SCCP 9-2-1-0) cannot make a call with off-hook.
the massage "Unable to create a call; the maximum number of calls for this line has been reached..." popped up

reproduce steps:
1. Dialed number with on-hook.
2. Off hook
3. can not make a call, I can see the dial-tone.

Only occurred on 6921/6941/696/6945 SCCP 9-2-1-0 

In CUCM 8.6 and later, configuring maximum number of calls to 3 under phone's line page can avoid this issue. Prior to CUCM 8.6 there is no workaround available.


But how configure number of calls to 3. Using  max-calls-per-button 3?. But if i try a get an error saying
that for 6921 max is 2.



I have done tests and the

I have done tests and the issue is not associated to a firmware version. I have used serveral firmware for the phone a serveral version for CUCME (8.6 and 9.1). If you try to do a transfer you can make a new call. The issue is only associated to hold feature. I think that the phone by default set the maximun call per line to 1 but there is no way to set this value greater that one. The command "max-calls-per-buttton" has no effect. I have also reproduced the issue using sip firmware. 

There are more peaple with the same problem:


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