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CAD Login Failure.

Hi we have IPCCE vers 7.0 installed.

We installed CAD 7.2.1 successfully.

While trying to open Agent CAD we have the following error message (please see the image attached):

Unable to login, some reasons maybe:

- You entered an incorrect ID,password or extension.

- Your phone is offline or not configured correctly.

- A component in the Cisco ICM CTI OS system is offline.

I checked the first two reasons and verified that the login ID and password are correct, and also that the phone is online and well configured.

I Think that the 3d reason is the most probable but i cannot find what component of the cisco ICM ctios os failing!!!

I am really confused.

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance

Community Member

Re: CAD Login Failure.

Is your CTIOS server online? What is the status you see on the CTIOS screen?

Community Member

Re: CAD Login Failure.


Thanks alot for your help.

In dact the issue was solved. All we have to do os to upgrade the CTIOS server from 7.0 to 7.2(4).

Thanks a lot

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