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Call Disconnect errors

Hi Guys,


We have a customer with a CM version 6 and they currently have an intermittent issue with incoming call.

Since it has a CM ver 6, we're unable to open a TAC case.


We need to verify if some can shed some light with what these errors mean?


Caller's error, inappropriate InstanceIndex[74] 

wait_SdlCloseInd - ERROR: H245 signaling connection aborted!!!

wait_AuDisconnectRequest ERROR:NO ENTRY FOUND IN TABLE


Thank you Guys.


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You will need to provide the

You will need to provide the full log for a call that disconnected. The h245 signalling connection aborted suggest that you have a tcp socket broken while the call was active. However until we see the full logs, we cant accurately know whats going on.

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How have you configured the

How have you configured the gateway in CUCM, Fast start or slow start? How is it configured in CLI? Do you have enough MTP resources available in the the MRGL assigned to the gateway?
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