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New Member

Call disconnect problem


I have following setup..

Phone A--PBX-A---- E1 (QSIG)-- 3845-----------------------WAN-------------------3845------------E1 (QSIG)----------PBX-B----------Phone B

When ever phone A calls phone B call connects and when the RTP stream starts (I think ) call drops. When I look at the show call hist voice brief for this call, I get (recovery on timer expiry (102) as shown below..

2319 : 304853 -500904108ms.304783 +10410 +16600 pid:20 Answer 8877807
dur 00:00:06 tx:367/566 rx:244/4140 66  (recovery on timer expiry (102))
IP SRTP: off rtt:105ms pl:2860/0ms lost:0/0/0 delay:60/60/70ms g729br8
media inactive detected:n media contrl rcvd:n/a timestamp:n/a
2319 : 304854 -500903978ms.304784 +10280 +16520 pid:9442 Originate 9442492
dur 00:00:06 tx:244/6092 rx:375/6094 66  (recovery on timer expiry (102))
Telephony 6/1:15 [6/1] tx:14690/5900/0ms g729br8 noise:-69dBm acom:31dBm

When I look  ISDN cause code for 102  , it says

An error-handling (recovery) procedure was initiated by a timer expiry. This is usually a temporary problem.

Any help to resolve this error will be highly appreciated..


Cisco Employee

Re: Call disconnect problem

Hi Ravi,

Kindly send the following details / logs:

++     "show tech" from both 3845s

++     Do a "clear counters" and issue "show controller E1" several times on both 3845s

++     "debug isdn q931", "debug h225 asn1", "debug h245 asn1", "debug h225 q931", "debug voip ccapi inout" on both 3845s

For the above, capture the logs and send them across for analysis. Also, could you try entrying the following 2 commands on both the gateways and let me know if it helps:

"voice call send-alert"
"voice rtp send-recv"



-- Regards, Harmit.
New Member

Re: Call disconnect problem

Hi Harmit,

Please find the attached debug and show tech for the 2 voice gateways.. One correction .. One of the remote gateway is 7200 router than 3845..

Calling number is 887 2290

Called number is  946 3572

Disconnect cause code is 66 even after I put the commands suggested..


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