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Call Disconnect with Message "Temp Fail" on phone

We are using CUCM with a Pub and a Sub . This is a centralized Call processing model with no remote sites. Lately, Users are complaing of Call Disconnect issues with message "Temp Fail" on phone.

We know "Temp Fail" is a result of network issue.

Does it mean there can be no issue from the Carrier?

We have a SIP trunk to a SIP Proxy server and a SIP trunk to the Carrier.

We can say that the SIP proxy server acts as an IPIPGateway witha SIP Trunk to CUCM on one interface and a SIP Trunk to Carrier on the other interface.

As per the CUCM traces, call disconnect came from CUCM.

Can anyone please let me know more detail about how to proceed with T/S this issue.

Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Disconnect with Message "Temp Fail" on phone

The symptom you are describing is typically a network issue between the IP phone and CUCM.  You mentioned that the disconnect was coming from CUCM.  What exactly do you see in the traces that prove this?  Do you have SCCP traces enabled on CUCM to see if there is a phone registration issue?  Have you taken debugs from the IPIPGW (assuming this is a Cisco device) to see if there was a disconnect coming from the SP?  Debugs that would be helpful:

debug ccsip all

debug voip ccapi inout

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