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Call disconnected after 5 minutes

Hello Dears,

we are facing a situation here where IP calls from remote site is disconnected after 5 minutes when it is to otehr remote site


Site 1 (phone registered on CCM on site 2)---- site 2 (CUCM 7 )--------- IP trunk ------ site 3 ( CUCM7)

When calls from site 1 to site 3 >>>> disconnects after 5 minutes

When calls from site 2 to site 3 >>> no problem

When calls from site 1 to site 2>>>> no problem

is there any parameters on the CUCM limit the call duration ?, is there any bug ?

Thanks & BR


Re: Call disconnected after 5 minutes

Without being able to get the full picture of the network topology, I'd offer the following comments to get started here:

1) There is no limit on CUCM call duration that would cause calls to cut off at 5 minutes.

2) You need to fully vet the routing between all sites - particularly between Site 1 and Site 3 as if there is a pretty close 5 minute mark on disconnects, you could have some issue with flapping/reconvergence of links within the network.  It's hard to sometimes track this down but I would definitely focus in a solid effort there.

3) What phones, what firmware, and what codec is used between Site 1 / Site 3, Site 2 / Site 3, and Site 1 / Site 2?


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New Member

Re: Call disconnected after 5 minutes

Hello Hailey,

First of all thanks for your reply , second I have developed a troubleshooting plan to isolate the problem and I found that problems related to the IP range assigned to Site1 (once using any other range problem disappear).

so I will check the routing, the FWs between the sites and feed back.

Thanks again.

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