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New Member

Call display shows "Voicemail" instead of called party name/number


Here is an example scenario:

Phone A calls ext 4001.

On Phone A's display it is showing "Voicemail" as the called information.

Instead we want it to show "John Doe" which is configured on the line of 4001

I think this is happening because ext 4001 is set to forward all to Voicemail, so when Phone A calls Ext 4001 it displays the information of whats actually being called ("Voicemail" and the unity port DN..)

Ext 4001 is a "VM" only extension. A physical/soft set does not exist.

I am not sure if this can be changed or if this is working as intended. Users are upset because they aren't sure they called the correct person etc.

Cisco Employee

Call display shows "Voicemail" instead of called party name/numb

Hi Brad,

The call manager's default configuaration is to display the final called party number/name and not the original called party number/name.

This behaviour can be changed by following Service Prameter for the Cisco Call Manager Service.

"Always Display Original Dialed Number"

Default value of the parameter is False. If you change it to True, it will show the original dialled number (and not the final called party number).


Jagpreet Singh Barmi

New Member

Call display shows "Voicemail" instead of called party name/numb

Hi Brad,

Sorry, I Misunderstood  your question



New Member

Re: Call display shows "Voicemail" instead of called party name/

Thank you Jagpreet, that answer does help. I guess I have 2 follow up questsions for someone to answer:

1.  Is there a way to make this not a global change?  I'd like to have it as a setting for a specific phone or device group... I'd like it so Phone A Always displays the CALLED number and for the rest of the phones to display the CONNECTED number.

2. So there is no way for unity to send over the connected number name display that is configured on the voicemail  box?

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