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Call Divert Override on CCM 7.x


I was wondering whether anybody knows of a way to override call forward all on Call Manager? The scenario is that phone A has a Cfwd All to phone B but phone B call be picked up by phone C and phone D who all need the ability to transfer a call to phone A. I have enabled - CFA Destination Override so the number that phone B can transfer to phone A but at present phone C and D cannot.  On our old telephony system (Siemens Realtis) there is an override feature which facilitated this way of working but I am yet to fine this functionality with Call Manager without having to set up new partitions and call search spaces to enable this.

Any suggestion to help with this problem would be most appreciated.



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Re: Call Divert Override on CCM 7.x

Hi James,

have you been able to create a setup to solve this issue.

We have the same after migrating users off an iSDX system where they had the Class-of-service DES (Direct extension selection), this enabled non-taget CFwdAll extensions to transfer the call back to the CFwdAll originator.

Regards Kim.

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Re: Call Divert Override on CCM 7.x


The workaround that I'm aware of is to create a duplicate DN of the source (i.e. CFwdAll'd) DN, which is not set to CFwdAll, in a new partition.

The users that would be able to reach the CFwdAll'd user would then need to have the new partition in their CSS, while all other users would only have the standard partition containing the forwarded user.

Could become a bit of a pain to administer if this is a common requirement.



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